Teambuilding in the mountains

Our wonderful countryside, surrounding forests, meadows and huge gym in the former stone glassworks are available to you all year round for relaxation or active recreation.

Need to switch off after a difficult meeting, or test and cement relations within your workforce? We have extensive experience of activity programmes of various focuses and levels of difficulty.

We’ll set up a bespoke programme for you to test physical and mental resistance. We’ll adjust the difficulty level to the fitness of participants.

We do the best half-day and whole-day walking, cycling, and cross-country skiing expeditions, or even on snowshoes. Or would you prefer a two-hour team contest in unconventional disciplines, or an orienteering competition?

Don’t leave your teambuilding to the last minute! We need to arrange it in advance, and we need permission from the PLA authority and Forests of the Czech Republic for some activities. We won’t do anything that might damage the countryside and wildlife here in any way. That’s one reason why we don’t support fireworks, fortune lanterns, excessively loud music outdoors, scooters or dog sledding

Our prices for company and team events are on agreement. When staying for a number of nights outside the summer and winter holidays, you will appreciate lower accommodation prices than given in our pricelist.

To be on the safe side, you should book your accommodation during the holidays in time.

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