Wellness runs in classic mode.

Please inquire about massages at reception.

You can relax in the Pansky dum in the sauna and whirlpool, in the Pyramida in the sauna with the possibility of cooling off in the snow or in a mountain stream. Please order the sauna at least 1.5 hours in advance to heat up thoroughly.

Welnness for 90 minutes Flat rate (up to 5 people) Next person
Panský dům 42 € 4 €
Pyramida 29 € 4 €
Whirlpool for 60 minutes Flat rate (4 people) 17 €


Would you like to unwind after a busy week at work or perhaps relax after a long cross-country skiing trip? Have a massage! You can book it directly through our website. As this is our new exclusive service, reservations are possible on tuesday and thursday for now. If interested, we will extend the number of days and services. “