Anenská slavnost in Jizerka in the symbol of the year of the Gallas and Clam-Gallas House

We warmly invite you to the Anenská slavnost glassmaking festival in Jizerka on 27 July 2019. Rich programme from 10 am to 5 pm. Traditional crafts, unconventional contests, delicious barbecued foods. You can find more information about the year of Clam-Gallas on the NPÚ website.

The celebration will start at around 11:30 with the arrival of carriage of the nobility Count Clam – Gallas from the castle of Frýdlant. There will be a rich program throughout the day. The stalls will offer and also mostly in front of visitors produce traditional products. Typical production of jewelery and the production of figurines directly at the burner in the former glassworks hall will be the most represented (blown glass, ..). However, other traditional crafts and production will also be widely represented – wood and metal products, various types of ceramics, wool toys, crocheted hats, gingerbreads, handmade knives. Of course, food and drinks of different tastes will also be prepared in the stalls and at the restaurants.

For this year we have prepared a favorite puppet theater with Rolnička songs, children’s art workshops, swings, chain carousel, dance and other competitions, horse riding and carriage rides.

Interesting facts about the Clam – Gallas family will be posted in the hall of the former Glassworks as part of the NPÚ Gallasové and Clam – Gallasové projects. At about 16:00, visitors of the festival will be able to attend a lecture from Mgr. Vladimír Tregl on this topic.

In the meadow in the center of the festival will take place also traditional competitions of running relay and five-lane ski race, popular with children and adults.