Special June prices for stays in the Jizera Mountains

Take advantage of a 10% discount on stays during the workweek and enjoy the best accommodation in the Jizera Mountains, ideal for families with children!
We offer you unique accommodation in the heart of the Jizera Mountains.
The Jizera Mountains are known for their beautiful nature and offer the perfect environment for active relaxation and exploration.

Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the surrounding meadows, forests and mountain streams that the Jizera Mountains offer.
Whether you decide to go hiking, cycling or exploring the surrounding nature with your family, our accommodation will provide you with comfort and convenience throughout the day. Here you can unwind after a busy day, relax in your stylish room and recharge your batteries. And for those looking for even more relaxation, we have a wellness centre where you can indulge in moments of peace and rest.

We believe our accommodation is the best place for families. Our spacious rooms and family suites provide plenty of room for all members of the family. And thanks to the peaceful surroundings of the Jizera Mountains, children can enjoy a safe space to play and explore.
Don’t forget to take advantage of our unique offer and book the best accommodation in the Jizera Mountains countryside with a 10% discount. Enjoy the beauty of nature, active relaxation and unforgettable family experiences. We look forward to seeing you in Jizerka!