Summer in Jizerka is Just Around the Corner

Summer is Just Around the Corner: What to Look Forward to in Jizerka This Year

Summer is the perfect time to visit Jizerka, and this year we have an exciting program full of fun, culture, and relaxation in store for you.

Anenská Celebration

At the end of July, specifically on July 27th, we will hold the traditional 19th annual Anna’s Fest in Jizerka. This popular festival offers lots of fun for both young and old. You can look forward to a rich program full of music, dance, and sport games. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to purchase traditional handicrafts and watch demonstrations of craft production. The Anna’s Fest  is a great opportunity to spend a beautiful summer day with family or friends.

Day and Night in Jizerka

In August, another interesting event awaits you – Day and Night in Jizerka, organized by the Jizera Mountains Museum. This event takes place on August 12th and offers a diverse program, including interesting lectures and stargazing. Come and expand your knowledge of the nature and history of the Jizera Mountains and enjoy the unique atmosphere of night sky observation.

Summer Activities in Jizerka: Fun for Everyone

In addition to these special events, you can take advantage of a wide range of summer activities in Jizerka. Our area is ideal for hiking and cycling. We offer you the option to rent mountain bikes, so you can enjoy the beautiful bike trails without worrying about bringing your own equipment.

What to Do When the Weather Doesn’t Cooperate?

Bad weather won’t ruin your holiday in Jizerka. Visit Museum of Jizera Mountains, which offers a fascinating insight into the history and nature of the Jizera Mountains, or take advantage of our wellness services. In our hotel wellness center at Panský Dům, you will find a sauna and a jacuzzi, perfect for relaxing after a busy day. There is also a sauna available at Pyramida. After a day full of activities, you can book a massage and treat yourself to some well-deserved rest.

Book Your Stay in Jizerka

Don’t hesitate and book your stay in Jizerka today! We still have a few spots available in the second half of the summer holidays, and if you plan your stay mid-week, you can get better rates. Visit our website and book your stay online at We look forward to your visit and wish you an unforgettable stay full of experiences and relaxation.

Jizerka – your destination for the perfect summer vacation!

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The road from Souš to Smědava is open

The Souš – Smědava road will be open from March 28, 2024, at 6:00 PM! Therefore, the journey to your dream accommodation at Jizerka is now even shorter from Frýdlant 🙂

Based on the forecast of snowfall and temperatures below freezing, the secondary road no. 290 in the segment from Smědava to Souš (km 20.87 – 28.26) will be closed indefinitely from Friday, November 17, 2023, at 3:00 PM.

Spring at Jizerka – Ahead of Schedule This Year :)

Spring arrived at Jizerka a bit earlier than expected. Not a trace of snow is left, but that doesn’t mean that the end of March isn’t as breathtaking as always at Jizerka.

Anna´s fest 2024 – 27. 7.

Anenská 2024 – 19th Edition
The date for this year’s Anenská is July 27, 2024.
More details coming soon 🙂

Photos from 2023 year’s Anenská by Pavel Křivka here.


We are happy to announce that this year is the 17th year of Anna’s Festival! You can look forward to a rich program from 10 am to 6 pm.

💍 Traditional crafts
🤸‍♀️ Non-traditional competitions
🍖 Delicacies from the grill
🎡 Children’s fair
🎵 Music

How do you get to us?
The capacity of the parking lots at Mořina and Horní Polubný is limited. Walk 🚶, ride your bike 🚴 or use the shuttle service 🚍 The shuttle runs to Jizerka from 9 am to 6:30 pm from the train stop in Kořenov and Horní Polubný and even back.

Date of event: 23.7.2022 from 10 am to 6 pm
In addition to the traditional great attractions, this year you can expect:
Old Bohemian Fair Band
Brothers in a trick show: A cross-country skiing odyssey
Screening of the film Jizera Mountains and discussion with the filmmaker Viktor Kuna

Facebook event
Photo – Looking back at last year’s festival

In the meantime, get excited with the 2019 documentary:
Spolu na hranici Na kolech

Winter is here – Snow Report

Update 11.1.2024: The trails are beautifully groomed, freezing overnight down to -20°C, and a more pleasant temperature just below freezing awaits us during the day, accompanied by clear skies. Snow depth ranges from 26 cm in Jizerka to 41 cm in Rozmezí, but as you descend towards lower elevations near Bedřichov, snow noticeably diminishes.

Update 20.12.2023: Today and tomorrow, we are expecting a substantial snowfall. The last grooming of the trails took place on 16.12. For the weekend, you can look forward to beautifully groomed trails.

Update 29.11.2023: Since the weekend, we’ve been experiencing heavy snowfall and there’s plenty of snow. Currently, there’s 33 cm of snow in Jizerka, and even 38 cm in Rozmezí. Thanks to an agreement with Lesy ČR, Jizerská o.p.s. is able to groom the trails of the Jizera Mountain Cross-country Skiing Highway. Starting tomorrow, you can look forward to machine-groomed tracks!

Track J50 from Bedřichov (excluding Olivetská hora and přítok): stadium – Nová Louka – Kristiánov – Rozmezí – Knajpa – Kasárenská – Knížecí -direction Václavikova studánka – Vlašský hřeben – U bunkru – Jizerka, Mořina – Jizerka, Panský dům – Promenádní – Smědava – Knajpa – Krásná Máří – Hřebínek – Bedřichov, stadium

Track Magenta Bedřichov, stadium – Nová Louka – Hřebínek – Bílé buky – Kristiánov – Nová Louka – Bedřichov, stadium

Track Sudop from Mariánská Hora: Mariánskohorské boudy – Protržená přehrada – Pašerácká cesta – Kasárenská – Knajpa – Mariánskohorské boudy – Mariánská Hora – Josefův Důl, Peklo – Bílá Desná – Souš – Václavíkova studánka

From Bedřichov: stadium – Valešovka – Hrabětice – Josefův Důl – Studené údolí – Bedřichov, stadium

‼️ Due to ongoing forestry operations by Lesy ČR, skiers are requested to allow smooth passage of machinery and work activities on these trails: Vládní, around Černá Nisa, přítok, Olivetská hora, Uhlířská cesta: Gregorův kříž – Šámalova chata, loop Smědava – Tišina – Nové Město pod Smrkem, chata Věčného mlčení ‼️


Current reviews from enthusiasts on the website Kam za sněhem: here.




update 11.4.2023 Although we have experienced several colder days and some snow showers during the last few weeks, only trace amounts of snow remain on the tracks. Spring is now in full swing, and the ski season is slowly but surely coming to an end. We will be back with our snow news in a year’s time. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to more winter fun next year! Current reviews from enthusiasts on the where to go for snow page: here.

update 29.3.2023 Even though the calendar says it’s already a week into spring, it doesn’t look like it from the window. Winter has returned, so let’s enjoy the fresh snow even now at the end of March! Yesterday was the ceremonial last crossing of the snowmobile from Jizerka back to Bedřichov. So take advantage of the groomed tracks and hit the trails! The current snow height on the trails ranges from 10 to 25 cm.

Current reviews of ski enthusiasts from the page Kam za sněhem: here

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Veselé Vánoce

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Globeflowers in Jizerka

On the meadow below Bukovec it is already in bloom! Don’t miss this beautiful yellow spectacle.

Globeflower is an important flower of the Jizera Mountains and it was no coincidence that it became part of the emblem of the Jizera Mountains Protected Landscape Area. This symbol is a reminder of the importance and beauty of this natural area, which is rich in endemic species of plants and animals. The Globeflower Meadow is therefore not only visually impressive but also biologically significant.

If you decide to go to Jizerka and see the meadow below Bukovec, you will not regret it. After a walk in the countryside, you can enjoy a moment of rest and refreshment in the restaurants at Panský dům or Pyramida.




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