New offer of salads

We have prepared a new offer of salads for you at the Panský dům. Come and try variations of salads with Tyrolean bacon or feta cheese.

The globeflowers are already blooming!

The meadows beneath Bukovec are already dotted with yellow globeflowers. Stop by Jizerka and enjoy the beauty of the mountain meadows and do not forget to refresh yourself at the Panský dům or the Pyramida.

To Jizerka across the mountains

Good news for cycling enthusiasts, Jizerka is already approachable by bike over the mountains, around Rozmezí and Knajpa you no longer meet the snow. The Soušská road is also open (for motor vehicles).

Narcissus in Jizerka

Narcissus in Jizerka is already in bloom! Come and see the beauty and stop for something good to eat in the Pansky dum.

Road Jizerka – Smědava passable by bike

Good news for cycling enthusiasts, Jizerka – Smědava road is already without snow. There are still little snow on other forest roads.

Spring is already beginning in Jizerka

Even in Jizerka, nature wakes up after a long winter. The last enthusiastic cross-country skiers and first cyclists ride along the promenade. Come and refresh yourself at the Pansky Dum.


Cat Ball

The traditional Cat Ball is taking place on 6 April 2019 in the Pyramida Hall! Reservations and in-formation on accommodation at Panský dům hotel reception.