Winter is here

update 3.4.2022 Although it doesn’t look like it according to the calendar, winter is not over yet! The height of snow on Jizerka is around 30 cm and the tracks are freshly groomed. However, watch out for twisted spots here and there. However, the skiing experience is still excellent!

update 3.3.2022 The tracks are currently in great condition, we still have plenty of snow! The snow height is between 79 – 111 cm. The conditions for skiing are also perfect thanks to the fact that there are many sunny days.

update 16.2.2022 This morning more than 200 km of routes have been adjusted. The snow level is between 70 – 100 cm. We are currently expecting a slight warming.

update 2.2.2022 Last week brought a significant snowfall, so currently the snow height in the Jizera Mountains is between 70 and 100 cm. The trails are groomed, so conditions are perfect, just watch out for strong winds.

update 23.1.2022 The current snow height is between 40 and 55 cm. The conditions for cross-country skiing are perfect, the tracks are freshly groomed.

update 18.1.2022 Conditions are very good after yesterday’s snowfall. More than 200 km of trails are currently groomed.

update 12.1.2022 There is about 30 cm of snow, the tracks are nicely rutted. Ideal conditions for cross-country skiing.

update 6.1.2022 Yesterday about 12 cm of snow fell. The tracks are so far modified only from people. It froze pretty good overnight and we are looking at more snow today.

update 29.12. The ski tracks are groomed and the condition for skiing is good as far as possible. Tomorrow morning it will still be fine and then probably the deluge will come.

update 18.12.: The snow height has decreased significantly, but it is still good on the  trails Promenádní and Jezdecká. Be careful from “U bunkru” down towards the Panský dům, there are already a few spots without snow, and we don’t recommend going down from Mořina under the wires. The snow is very frozen, be careful.


update 8.12.: Cross-country skiing trails are groomed. Current snow height is about 28 cm.Almost the entire route of the Jizerska 50 is ready, except for the part around Olivetská hora. The snow is slightly dull and the descents are slower, which is certainly not a problem at the beginning of the season Smajlík.

Recommendation for classic skiers: be careful in the trail on Promenádní, in the direction from Kiosk to Jizerka, due to the smaller snow cover sometimes the tops of small spruces are peeking in the trail, so be careful not to ruin your skis Mrkání.

update 3.12.: Another 10 cm fell, there is enough snow, we are waiting for the snowcat to set tracks.

The long-awaited snow is here and the first skiers are already setting off. For sure, we recommend older skis. The current height of the snow is about 10 cm.