Gift Voucher

Looking for inspiration for a great gift? Give your loved ones an experience by giving them a gift voucher.

Instant Gift Voucher: For those who need a last-minute gift, we offer the option of instantly printing a gift voucher right from the comfort of your home. Just choose, pay, and print – and your gift is ready!

Special Requests? No Problem! If you have specific requests or want to create a custom gift voucher, our reception is fully at your disposal. Just contact us with your request, and we will create a unique gift voucher for you, which we will send directly to your home.

Online Shopping

Want to handle everything with a few clicks from the comfort of your home?


We will prepare the voucher tailored to your requirements and send it by mail. If you give a voucher for a rounded amount, the excess can be used for consumption in the restaurant, wellness services, etc.

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